Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lamb watch 2008

We are on lamb watch with our friend Trebs. She has agreed to call us whenever a sheep looks like she is about to delivery. We were called out Sunday night for a false alarm, that sheep still hasn't had the babies. Today however we got a call for the real thing. I finished eating lunch, changed clothes and we jumped in the car. We missed the birth by less than a minute! The baby had just come out when Logan and I walked into the barn. While we missed the actual birth we got to see this little girl within seconds of her entering the world.

Here she is just a few minutes old.

Momma was busy cleaning her up while the after birth came out. This momma usually has triplet but apparently in sheep, they only have 1 placenta so once that comes out they are done. Darn, we were hoping to see the 2nd lamb born but this time there was no second lamb.

That's ok though, it was amazing watching the first hour of this one's life. She tried so hard to stand and kept falling back down. Logan and I found ourselves holding our breath everytime she tried to stand up. Momma just kept drying her off the whole time. She is a really good mom.

Almost there. Those back legs sure are slippery. Yay! She finally stands up! And we got to be there for it.
We are still on lamb watch and really hope to get to see a delivery. But missing the actual birth does nothing to take away from the miracle of seeing a newborn baby start it's life!

I have some really good pictures of some of the older lambs I'll post later. I have to go tutor now. What an amazing start to this day!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Look at her white little mop-top, that's hilarious! Will that go away as she grows, I wonder? What neat experiences you are giving Logan (and yourself!). Does he talk much about all the things you guys are doing these days or does he just go with the flow?

Christy said...

I don't know if the white head will go away or not, but it sure is cute now. Logan talks about what we do sometimes but he is very much a go with the flow kind of guy. He loves the animals so much. He did talk about sitting in the pasture with the older babies today, I still need to get those pictures up.

Kathryn and Ari said...

She's so beautiful. And I agree with farmgirl: love that white hair on the top of her head!

Logan sounds like such a great guy. You must be really proud of him!

linda m said...

What an incredible experience. I remember as a child watching our dog give birth. It was so awe inspiring. All your animal encounters make me long for the farm life also. I really am getting to the point where I want to have a garden and animals. I'm tired of city life.

Twinville said...

Well, you could have eaten a little faster! hehehe

Seeing the lamb takes it's first steps must have been HUGE, though.
Did you mention if it was a ewe or a ram?

You know me with our Laughing Orca Ranch....I love all creatures black and white. This one's gorgeous with it's white fuzzy head.

You should have seen my bliss, when the kids and I watched one of our guinea pigs giving birth to triplets. We got there just as the first head was sliding out. It was so exciting!

They were all black and white!

Ironically, neither of the parents were black and white....they were brown! haha

The guinea pig fairy knew what I wanted. hehe

There is just something so amazing about the miracle of birth, isn't there?

I'm glad that you and Logan had that special time together with the sheep.

Christy said...

Twinville - It is a ewe and right up your alley with the coloring! And you're right I should have eaten faster!