Friday, March 28, 2008

Introducing Logan's lamb!


Logan decided after his 4H meeting Tuesday that he wanted to do a sheep project this year. We talked about whether he wanted to buy a lamb and show it, or just borrow a lamb and learn how to work with them and save the showing until next year. It looks like we really will be moving this summer! Although nothing is official yet, so I thought it might get overwhelming to be trying to prepare a sheep for show and move at the same time. So, we decided that Logan would take on a lamb and work with it like he was going to show it, but not actually buy it and register it in his name and show it.

So, our friend Trebs agreed to let us use one of her new lambs to halter train and learn to groom etc. Today was our first time working with her. She is a very unfriendly lamb because her mom is unfriendly, so she is going to be a challenge.

We started by catching her and putting a halter as well as a dog harness on her. At first she hated the halter and refused to move.

After a little reassurance by Logan she decided it wasn't so bad.She then led Logan on a wild chase through the field for the next 15 minutes or so.

This seemed stressful for her to us, so I think Monday when we go out there again, we'll take her to a smaller field by herself and try to sit with her and get her used to us. She was trying to get to her mom the whole time today and wouldn't calm down. We will eventually need to teach her to walk on a lead but I think she needs to get used to us first.

Logan really enjoyed spending time with her today and is looking forward to getting to know her better.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

I love that top picture of Logan holding the lamb - that is so cute. What a drag that the little thing is unfriendly, though. What's up with that? It's a BABY, for goodness sake! I'm sure with Logan's kind hand and perseverence, the little lamb will come around. How exciting. I wish I wasn't a million years old...I'd love to do 4H. :-)
(Moving this summer??? HOORAY! Tell me more!)

Wendy said...

Ha! That is so cool! I realy need to get my girls involved in 4H - it's a great program, from what I understand, and really good for homeschoolers :).

Congratulations on the moving news! I know you must be terribly excited ;). I'll be looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.

Twinville said...

Even without the cooperation of the lamb, Logan looks really good out there working with her.

I'm sure it will work out with time. Can he try to bottle feed her a bit? And defintely get the lamb away from Mom.

I just bought a 6 week old Nigerian wether today and was told that his Mom was nervous and not very friendly. His breeder tried to put him on a bottle before we could buy him, but was getting so frustrated because he wouldn't take the bottle at all.

But once she separated Mom and baby, he came around, and you would never know that he was as nervous and unfriendly as his Mama. Truly, he is just a big love bug!

And I agree with farmgirl, too. I wish I'd have had the chance to do 4H when I was young. Man! That bites!

My kids are signed up for 4H this year, but oddly enough only one of them is doing a project involving critters. One son is doing photography, and the other is doing rocketry.

My daughter will be doing chickens and eggs for her project.
What is wrong with my kids? haahaha
I guess I'm the critter person around here.

I'm hoping with this new baby goat, that they will want to raise him and show him for 4H next year.

I'm crossing my fingers!

Good luck with the move. I'm so excited for you!

Christy said...

We do plan to separate the baby from her mom next time we work with her. I think that will make things a lot easier. I did a bunch of reading on halter training lambs and we have a plan. Logan bought his own halter yesterday to use with her. He is so excited! He's been practicing how he wants to call her since they will learn to respond to your call. I'm confident that in a week or so he'll have her pretty friendly.

Kathryn and Ari said...

Logan looks like such a natural. I'm sure he's going to win over the lamb in no time!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Logan!! What a wonderful learning experience this will be for him! And moving this summer!!?! Oh I hope it works out for you guys, you really deserve a little patch of heaven of your own. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! :)