Sunday, March 2, 2008

Trim the fat week 4

This was the last week of the Trim the fat challenge. It was a great challenge, thanks Chile for coming up with the idea!

For our last week things went pretty well although I did buy a few things. I got a grow light that I've been wanting since I did my seeds last spring and realized I don't have any windows that get enough light for them to grow well. I ended up waiting until the end of May and starting all my seeds outside last year. I'd been putting off getting the light since last year but I had a coupon for $25 off and it expired at the end of February, so I ordered the light the last day of February. I also put in my seed order. I could have waited a few days and put the order in in March, but that seemed like cheating and just a little silly. So I went ahead and ordered them in February. So my buying nothing didn't work out, but saving everything to buy in March seemed silly.

On making a menu and food shopping once a week, we were successful this week. I'm finding I actually enjoy sitting down on Sunday, figuring out what things we have going on the coming week and what meals will work well with our schedule. I tutor Sunday afternoons so I figure out the menu in the morning and then stop wherever I need to stop after tutoring. Unless we have to go to the farm for animal products, being Mennonite, they aren't open on Sunday. So, sometimes I have to add in a Monday stop there.

And spending less time on the computer is still going well. This last week I finished the 2 pairs of pants for Logan, worked on his scrapbook for the first time in a year! Did a bunch of baking and some other odds and ends.

I plan to keep all 3 goals going. I'm going to really think about any purchases I make and sit on them for a few weeks before making them. I'm going to stick with the weekly menu because I enjoy it. And with warmer weather supposedly coming soon, it will be easier and easier to stay off the computer.

Yesterday, I took Logan to sparring in the morning and after sparring was over I didn't feel like going home. Mark is out of town and I was feeling restless. Normally, we would go out to lunch and then maybe go shopping when I'm feeling that way, but yesterday we went for an hour long hike instead. Having the goal of not buying anything helped me come up with a different plan.


linda m said...

Sounds like your plans are working out quite well. I'm glad the menu planning is working out for you; don't know how I would be able to function without mine. Staying off the computer would be really hard for me as that is where I am every morning. I get all of my news from the internet; check my email and read your blogs. Congratulations on your success.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of hiking instead of shopping!

Christy said...

We're going hiking again today. We've got a warm spell going and we are going to take advantage of it as much as possible.

Maggie said...

I found Chile's challenge had the same results for me too. I think your menu plan is a great idea, it does not mean you have to be concrete, you can be creative, and say make an egg curry and rice instead of the frittata you planned or take egg sandwiches and go on a picnic.
One thing though I continue to think do I really need this before I buy anything.
Its actually fun with less stuff everywhere, traveling lighter I guess.

Chile said...

You did great, Christy! I still struggle with menu planning. The first few days go well and then it seems to fall apart. I figure as long as we use up the CSA produce, though, it's all good.

It's good to hear, too, that you are going to keep up your new good habits. :)

Christy said...

Chile - I made my weekly menu and went to the store yesterday. I actually didn't need to get much at all as we had almost everything we needed already. I'll need to go to the farm to get milk tomorrow but that should be it for the week.