Tuesday, September 30, 2008

5 weeks from today

We move into the new house exactly 5 weeks from today. Here is one of my favorite parts of the house, the huge garden! I was hoping to move there in time to harvest the corn, but I guess the current owners are going to get to enjoy that bounty. I guess that is only fair since they planted it.


Adventure girl wanna be said...

It's being built???

frugalmom said...

That garden is huge! And the red soil....oh how I remember that from my days of living in GA.

How many acres did you end up getting? You must be so excited and anxious and happy all at the same time!

Christy said...

It's already built, I just am not ready to show the house yet. I'm easing into this out of nervousness.

It is 5 acres. And yep, that explains how I feel alright.

helenw said...

Oh but you can do so much gardening through the winter in GA!
How exciting!

Erica said...

That's a great sized garden!!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ohhhh....it's beautiful....perfect garden spot *and* trees...it's lovely, Christy. (yay!)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh Christy! I am SO thrilled for you!!
I can just envision all of your own plants growing in that garden...and...and is that a fenced in area behind the garden, too? I see a water bucket!
For animals!?
I think I even see a chicken out there!

Woot, Woot!

I'm so INCREDIBLY happy for you, my friend.

Oh and by the way, a package arrived for me today. I'm getting ready to open it right now.....It's from Delaware!
And it feels soft and smooshie!

I'm so excited!!


Christy said...

Lisa - You're jumping ahead! LOL. But yes, there is a fenced in pen and a tub for water. No chicken but there is a lovely dog pen that can easily be converted into a chicken coop.

Anonymous said...

YAY!! It looks lovely Christy! Cannot wait to see all you're going to do with the place!

Melody said...

Good for you! It looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Christy, it looks like Georgia. I spot some of our famous red clay.
I know you must be feeling so many different emotions.
The garden looks big. There would be a lot of food to put up- out of one that size.
I am going to have to look up your town. It must be in the northern part of the state. I am about half way between Macon and Augusta.
Good thoughts coming from Georgia.

Christy said...

Pam - It is a little north of Athens. There is a lot of red clay there. I was surprised they had a such a good garden without using raised beds.

Kathryn and Ari said...

Wow. Look at that red soil!

CeeCee said...

The garden looks like paradise to me, even from such a long way off.
Pictures of the house??? I'm so happy that you sold the house and can now move to the dream place.