Sunday, September 28, 2008

Coffee anyone?

This is my most recent crochet creation. I'm currently working on a cactus and a bathmat for the bathroom at the new house.

I've been meaning to post pictures of the new house, but I've felt hesitant for some reason. I love the new house so much and I guess I'm afraid I'll jinx it by posting pictures. Logan says I'm being silly and that I need to trust that all will work out. The house passed all the inspections, we have final loan approval, as do our buyers up here, but all this stuff with the economy has me nervous! I think I will begin posting a picture a day this week. And work on my trust!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That coffee cup cozy is so cute!
Are you finding all your unique patterns in a book or on the internet? I'm so impressed! :)

I know just how you feel about the house situation. I wish I would have been more cautious last year when we picked out a house, like you are now.
Before we found this house, we found the 'perfect house' and set up. We even placed a deposit on it.
And then I was so excited I just had to blog about....
And then everything fell apart.

The difference was that the house hadn't even passed inspections before I shared my excitement. It had a whole slew of problems (of which you can read about in the earlier part of my blog).

I think I really jinxed that house deal back then and the thought of that particular house still haunts me. It could have been my 'dream house' had it not had all it's issues.
Ah Well.

I'm telling you this because you're situation is entirely different, my friend.
Everything has been cleared: inspections, financing, etc.

All that needs to be done is sign the final paperwork and then put your stuff into a moving truck.
Shazam! And Bob's Your Uncle! hehe

I can't wait to see your 'picture a week' house sharing.
Do whatever you feel comfie with, of course :)


Adventure girl wanna be said...

So cute! And post the pics:):):):) of your new house;)

Christy said...

Lisa - I went back a few weeks ago and read your whole blog from the beginning so I read all about that first house. If you remember I posted about the first house we made an offer on before it passed inspections etc. And that one feel through. I guess I jinxed that one. I'm glad now because this house is so much better, hence my relunctance to post about it. I'm absolutely in love with the current house.

We have 4 weeks until we close on the house here, still plenty of time for things to go south. But I'm not going there! I'll post the first picture tomorrow.

I'll got all the patterns from one book so far. It is called Amigurumi World. It is the best book on this stuff I've found.

linda m said...

I love the coffee cup. It even has"coffee" in it!! Looking forward to the pictures. Need help moving? You have two volunteers here - we work cheap, haha :)

Wendy said...

I'm with Logan, but I do understand how difficult it is to get through each individual day. Four weeks seems like SO LONG, but in five weeks, you'll look back and think, "Oh, that wasn't so bad." I know that doesn't help, but some degree of sitting back and trusting is good ;).

Yes, the economy sucks right now, but if it's any consolation to you, the economy sucked back in 1997 when we bought our house, and everything still went through.

I LOVE your crochet work. It is too adorable. I sense an Etsy shop in your future ;).

Chile said...

Congrats on your house, Christy. I know how you feel about not wanting to jinx it though. We're supposed to sign closing papers on the house we're selling this week. I am not counting on it being "sold" until we get the check! Then begins the scary process of trying to find a new place. And pack. Ack!

Christy said...

Mom - We don't need help moving, we have movers for that, but we'll need help unpacking and getting settled. The movers come Nov. 4 and after that we are on our own!

Christy said...

Wendy - I'm mostly worried about getting this house sold. I know we'll be able to buy the house in GA.

Chile - I didn't realize you were selling a house. How long was it on the market? After waiting 5 months to get an offer, it is hard to wait even longer for closing. I'm with you, until the money is in our hands I'm not counting on anything.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christy.
I love the coffee cup cozy! Beautiful.
I can't wait to see pictures of the new house. I wonder how far you will be from me?
When you get all settled we will just have to meet.
I understand the nervous part, it is normal. Logan has such a level head. I am just positive everything is going to go smoothly.
Have a good day.

Melody said...

Very cute cup of coffee!

I'm sure that everything will work out with your house, but I bet it is nerve racking, especially with the inspection going bad on the last one that you had your sites set on.

Just think positive thoughts!

I'm looking forward to seeing the pics!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Keep it to yourself if it helps! We'll all be here waiting to see it when you're ready. Still smiling big for you! :)

linda m said...

Christy, we are volunteering to help you with the unpacking and settling in. Just let us know when you would like us to come and we will drive down and help.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Trust your gut and what you're comfortable with. I don't believe in things like jinxes, but I do believe in the power of positive thought. You're almost to the physical realization of your farm dreams, Christy. This is so exciting...share those pictures when you are ready... *WHENEVER* that might be. You owe nobody pictures (or an explanation) until you are ready to share them.

Allie said...

I love the cozy! Hope everything goes smoothly with the new house!

Christy said...

Pam - We will be in Nicholson, I have no idea how far that is from you, but I'd love to meet up sometime.

Farmgirl - Thanks for the understanding. I'm trying very hard to keep positive thoughts. The events of the last week have me uneasy but I'm staying as positive as possible. I appreciate you saying I don't owe pictures and to just post them when I'm ready. I've been putting pressure on myself to post them and that is silly.

Mom - Like I said, the truck is coming Nov. 4 so anytime after that would be fine. The help would sure be appreciated.

Amy said...

Love the cup 'o coffee! Do you mind sharing where you found that cute pattern for it??

The move will work out. It's just time.

We have been through alot lately with moving, etc. I think by the end of the year (if not before) we will finally be settled.

Christy said...

Amy - The pattern came from the book Amigurumi World. It is a great book!