Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What it looks like today

The bumps look different today, I hope this means they are starting to heal. They look much more like chigger bites today I think. It is still really, really itchy!!


CeeCee said...

Gosh, I always think of chiggers crawling up higher (panty and bra lines, arrggh.) I'm stumped, because you had on socks and hiking boots---both those things would be hard to crawl down inside of?
It do not look like poison ivy. Especially because it's on both feet and so "uniform".
Good luck! It's miserable being on Benedryl---makes me really sleepy.

Twinville said...

Oh no poor sweetie. :(

I'm so sorry.
The spots looks redder, angrier today.
I hope it heals soon and the itchiness goes away, too.

New Mexico

Christy said...

Ceecee - I have bites there too. But they most commonly (according to the internet) get under socks. I hate being on Benedryl too, I'm only taking it before bed.

Benedryl spray on the other hand is a life saver!

Lisa - Me too! The itching is making me crazy!

Verde said...

We vote for chiggers here. Ohh I'm scratching just looking.

Verde said...

Ohhh, and congrats on the house sale! That's a coup in this market!

MeadowLark said...

I HATE chiggers. I was in Texas working on a tv pilot (I'm the 'cat herder') and got bit. It took FOREVER for those darn things to go away. YOUCH.

And if the link doesn't work on the old-time farm tools, just email me.


farm mama said...

My husband was a chigger magnet, and his bites look like yours. They were always from his feet up to about his waist, also. An old treatment (which worked for him) was to coat each bite with fingernail polish. Supposedly this smothers the little bug that is imbedded in your skin. The first time we used this remedy, all I had was bright red polish, so he looked pretty funny. After that, I made a point of keeping clear polish on hand. Anyhow, within about 24 hours, he wasn't itching any more.

Christy said...

Verde- Thanks for the good wishes.

Farm mama - The chiggers don't actually imbed in your skin so they aren't there to sufficate. I have however heard from a few people that the nail polish stopped the itching so it may be worth a try.

CeeCee said...

Girl, you'd have to buy a gallon of fingernail polish to cover all those bites! ;)

Do you ever catch your typos? I just looked at my original post---"It do not look like poison ivy"--Geez, do I sound like a mess or what?

Looks like next time you'll be using Backwoods Off on your feet, shoes and legs to keep the buggers off.

Maile said...

gee...thanks so much for posting those lovely pics! sucks for you! No really, I hope they get better soon..god, yuck. Not sure what it is..?

Good luck!!

Christy said...

Maile - It does suck to be me! It itches beyond belief!!

linda m said...

Christy, I can sympathize with you and the itching. I've never had chigger bites but when I was living in Okinawa, Japan I developed an allergic reaction to something and it itched so bad I was literally "banging" my head against a wall and was scratching my skin off my legs and hands. The doctor put me on a super antihistamine that made me a walking zombie. Poor Mark; here was a 2 year-old with a mother that appeared to be asleep on the couch yet I was fully awake. Need less to say he had a field day tearing the house apart. As if the itching wasn't bad enough I had to put some stupid cream on my hands and wear plastic gloves. Hang in there!! I'll think good thoughts that the itching goes away soon.

lordsomber said...

Witch Hazel is another remedy. Seemed to work with chigger bites when I was a lad.