Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is this?

Sunday evening I noticed some red, itchy bumps on my leg. By Monday I was covered from toe to waist in these bumps. They are extremely itchy!! I've even had to take an anti-histimine just to be able to sleep.

I thought it might be flea bites, but don't think so anymore, there are just too many of them. Mark thinks it is poison ivy, but I've never seen poison ivy look like discreet bumps. A friend said maybe chiggers, which is seeming most likely, but I'm just not sure.

Anyone have any ideas? We did go hiking Saturday so the timing fits with poison ivy or chiggers. All I know for sure is it is the itchiest thing I've ever experienced, sometime to the point of pain. And I can't sleep for long because of the itching.


Twinville said...

Oh no Christy! I'd venture to guess poison ivy because it looks very similar to the way my own bout with poison ivy last month.
And it was painful and itchy.

But then again, I see that it's way down into your lowere foot region.
What kind of shoes were you wearing and were' you wearing socks?

If you were, then I might change my guess to chiggers because poison ivy wouldn't show up, at least not right away, anywhere where it hadn't touched your skin directly.

Either way, sweetie, I sure do hope it goes away quickly and doesn't cause you anymore pain or discomfort :-O

Laughing Orca Ranch
New Mexico

Maren said...

My guess is for chiggers. My kids are the experts on getting itcchy rashes...I feel like I've seen them all. I feel sick for you. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Melody said...

That certainly looks like chiggers to me. Chiggers really resemble mosquito bites, except the itching gets worse instead of better, day by day.

The only thing I found to get rid of/kill them was to put clear fingernail polish on the bumps.

Good luck! I hate those things. =(

Christy said...

I was wearing socks and hiking boots.

The nail polish thing is a legend. The chiggers are long gone by the time you feel the itching.