Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby tomatoes

I have 4 baby tomatoes! (Forgive the sideways picture, for some reason Blogger won't put this picture in the right way, even though all the others are fine). My sweet olive is making tomatoes.
Here is my tomato jungle. They are all growing out of control. I now have flowers on all 3 types of plants. My amish paste are doing better since I moved them to a partly shady spot and am watering them more often. I expect to have more baby tomatoes on some of the other types soon.

My peas are doing great, we harvested a bunch yesterday to eat with our first all local meal of the summer which I will post soon.

Here is my huge brussel sprout plant. It is shading out the basil which I will have to move.


Anonymous said...

Your plants look great!

On the house - follow your gut. Better safe than sorry. If that isn't the house for you the right one will come up when the time is right.

hillbilly2be said...

Congrats, Christy! Everything is growing right along. I've always had trouble trying to grow tomatoes in containers, so my hat's off to you and your success.

As far as the house goes: when we decided to leave our fairly comfortable house up north, we really had to sort through all of the things we needed and wanted. It was not fun. In the end, though, we realized that what we really needed and most wanted was very simple. When we went to look at properties down here, they had all kind of amenities... but not he sort of ones we most cared about. I finally made a matrix of the various amenities in a cheap hotel room, and tried to weigh each property based on what was important to us. Eventually, I realized that we had gotten so picky over the years, that we really needed to build our own place, our own way. We could make it simple, but laid out the way we live our lives.

A year later, I have no regrets, at least not any major ones.

I guess I would recommend taking a step back, re-evaluating the reasons for moving, and boiling it all down to a very definite and specific set of reasons for enduring the pain of transition. Doing that will help you through the tough times.

Throw away all that advice and just take it as a friend wanting to help a friend if it doesn't fit. :)


Deb said...

Wow! All your plants look great ~ It's terrific that you can grow so much in containers and eat so fresh.
I know I can't wait for a fresh tomatoe but it will be awhile for us. Jut put my plants in last week. Our growing season is well behind yours.

Christy said...

Ron - Thanks for the support. Unfortunately my husband has no interest in building or having a house built. I am re-thinking our priorities and why we are moving (not in a changing my mind sort of way, just more in a getting things straightened out in my mind).