Sunday, June 8, 2008

OLS - Week 1

My dad was visiting so we had a special meal for our first meal of this years One Local Summer.

The breakdown:

Grass-fed steak - Locust Point Farm - 7 miles
Asparagus - Dietwiller Farm Market - 6 miles
Corn - Dietwiller Farm Market - 6 miles (frozen last August)
Snow peas - my garden - 0 miles

Corn bread
Bacon - Locust Point Farm - 7 miles
Eggs - Whimsical Farm - 4 miles
Honey - Newark, DE - 15 miles
Milk -Trickling Spring Dairy - 100 miles
Corn meal and flour - not local

Apple Crisp
Apples - Linvilla Orchard - 35 miles (Frozen in October)
Sugar, Oats, flour - not local
Vanilla ice cream - Trickling Springs Dairy - 100 miles


Wendy said...

Looks yummy! And dessert too! You over-achiever you :).

Seriously, looks awesome! Now, I'm hungry ;).

Anonymous said...

Look at those small food miles! Excellent!

Reynie said...

Looks very yummy! And the apple dessert looks incredible!

linda m said...

Everything looks really good. I can't believe you are harvesting snow peas already. The apple dessert looks so yummy!!

Christy said...

Mom - the snow peas are actually almost done because it is getting too hot for them.

The meal was really good!

Anonymous said...

It does look delicious. Before long, I just know you will be growing all those things and have 0 miles (in most).
Good job!

Christy said...

I'm so looking forward to zero mile meals!