Monday, June 16, 2008

Independence days - Week 7

1. Plant something - I didn't plant anything new, but I did transplant a few things to bigger pots. I had hoped they would be in the ground by now, but since that is nowhere in sight, bigger pots were necessary. More transplanting needs to happen.

2. Harvest something - I harvested the last of my peas this week. I didn't get a ton but I only had 1 plant of each type and the temps were in the high 90s this week. The snow peas were still good, but the shelling peas were very bitter. I think the high temps got to them. I pulled out the peas and will try again in the fall.

6. Manage your reserves - Managed to eat quite a lot from the freezer this week. This included making lasagna from scratch which is delicious!

7. Work on local food system - Visited the farm market again this week and continue to get our milk locally

8. Compost something - I shredded up a bunch more newspaper for the worms this week. They are very happy now.

9. Learn something - It isn't related to food but is related to self reliance. I learned to knit with needles this week! It is awkward at first but very fun once you get the hang of it.

10. Store something - I had a coupon for Petsmart so I stocked up on cat food and litter this week.

I have to admit to letting depression get to me a little this week so not much happened. I didn't even make a local meal for OLS. The extremely high temps along with this house not selling and the house in GA falling through got to me. I'm hoping to do better this week.


Maile said...

you no longer love me!! what happened with the GA house? Call me!

linda m said...

Hang in there Christy. The house WILL sell and you WILL find a better house in GA!!:)

Amy said...

Keep your chin up! Everything "perfect" will happen when you least expect it. Just watch.

Christy said...

Thanks for the support. I'm doing ok this week. I'm prone to depression and have to work really hard to keep a positive attitude. Sometimes I don't do so well, last week was one of those weeks.