Sunday, July 13, 2008

Independence days

Again, I'm not sure what week of the challenge it is, but I actually did some stuff this week!

1. Harvest - I harvested tomatoes and basil. It was exciting to get to harvest something, tomatoes and basil will be all I have to harvest for quite awhile.

2. Plant - No, probably not until we move

3. Preserve - not this week, but it looks like blackberries will be ripe soon and I'll be making blackberry jam.

4. Prep - Nope

5. Cook - I made peanut butter for the first time, and made a new bread recipe. Both were ok but not great. I'll write about the peanut butter later this week.

6. Manage your reserves - I've started to inventory my food stores in the basement. I prepared a weekly menu to try to decrease the reserves in the freezer

7. Work on local food system - I went to 2 farmer's markets this week and picked up milk and chicken from the local farm

8. Compost - Nothing new here, still keeping the worms and the bin out back. The worms are doing fine and don't need anything extra right now.

9. Learn - I've been reading about solar heating this week. I've also been trying to figure out why my bread never rises well after shaping.

10. Store something - A number of things were on sale this week so I stocked up on peanut butter, pasta and cereal. I also investigated what things that I normally buy from the buying club are available by the case on Amazon. I'll be able to do more stocking up after we move even without the benefit of the buying club.

Not a bad week considering. I'll work on doing an inventory of the food stores this week. Having a list will be helpful.


Verde said...

I've been having trouble with my bread lately too. Mine seems to fall after I put it into the oven and so I have brick shapes - but tasty.

I've never ordered food things off Amazon - that's interesting that they might be compeditive with a Costco or sams?

Anonymous said...

Hi Christy,
Your list looks really good. I will be interested in your peanut butter recipe.
I know it is so frustrating on selling, buying, moving but I really hope you find a place you really like.
Keep your chin will all fall into place before you know it.
Oh yeah, my canner. It holds 7 quart jars. It can also be used as a water bath for canning jellies and preserves.
I bought it when we first moved to the 50 acre farm, 20 years ago and really like it because it doesn't have the rubber gaskets that so many canners have.The gaskets have to be replaced a lot.
Have a great week!

Christy said...

Verde - It sounds like you are letting your bread rise too long before putting it in the oven. I don't know if Amazon if competitive with Sams or Costco because I don't shop at either of those. I order things by the case from United Natural Foods, I'm part of a buying club here. I was looking at Amazon since after we move I won't be part of the buying club anymore. Amazon is mostly in-line with United. I was looking at organic, packaged foods.