Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Independence days

1. Harvest - I harvested tomatoes and basil. That is all.

2. Plant - yes! I actually planted some stuff this week! I transplanted 3 tomato plants to bigger pots and 1 brocolli. I also started some brocolli and cauliflower for fall harvest.

3. Preserve - no

4. Prep - I got the supplies to make a new, hopefully more effective solar cooker. I also got a fine mesh strainer to sift wheat after I grind it to hopefully get a finer flour to use for baking. And I got a good bread pan so that my bread making can improve.

5. Cook - it isn't really something new but I did make bread after my bread lesson. It turned out excellent! My bread lessons were very successful.

6. Manage your reserves - the freezer is now almost empty, we are doing well at working our way through everything.

7. Work on local food system - John's Farm Stand opened this week! John is an older man who lives 3 miles from me. He has a large garden in his backyard and sells produce every summer. He hadn't opened as of last Wednesday and I was getting worried. He finally opened and I visited him Saturday. I got corn, green beans and good conversation.

8. Compost - I added more shredded newspaper to the worm bin Saturday.

9. Learn - nothing new this week

10. Store something - nothing new this week


Anonymous said...

Too cute.

Melody said...

Wow! I've only *talked* about starting my plants for the fall. And *only* tomato and basil? My tomatoes are still green. :-( I'm looking forward to getting more from my garden than just the zucchini!

Way to go!

LisaZ said...

My tomatoes here in MN are still green too. I can't wait till we can harvest them...

Anonymous said...

Hey Christy. When you get to Georgia it will surely be different. Our garden is just about through. Me and the garden is about harvested out.lol..
Oh and I have an award for you at my site.
Have a great day!

MeadowLark said...

Sounds productive. My tomatoes are also still green. I did tie them to the fence with pantyhose, to keep them from breaking. Hope it works.

Ron said...

I'm anxious to read about your solar cooker! I've been wanting to build one for a long time, just haven't done enough research or gotten serious about it yet.

I've got to quit thinking about a fall garden and start getting it in action soon too!


Christy said...

I didn't plant much this year due to the move so pretty much all I have to harvest is tomatoes and basil. I am happy my tomatoes are ready. I started them in March under lights.

Ron - here is the link to my first solar cooker I made. I plan to make one out of a sun shade next since they are supposed to me more efficient.