Friday, July 11, 2008

Tomato Harvest!

I harvested my first tomatoes of the year last night.

Here is the tomato jungle as of last night.
My harvest with some basil thrown in for good measure.
These are my sweet olives that I harvested. I'm in love with this plant! They grow quickly, need very little care, never seem to dry out and wilt, and develop and ripen quickly. My hungarian paste have some green tomatoes on them and the amish paste still haven't made any tomatoes. They flowered but nothing else yet. I also really like the taste of the sweet olive, they are very meaty, which I like. I usually don't like raw tomatoes, but these are pretty good. I'm planting a lot more of these next year. Thank you Danielle for introducing me to these!

I made them into a pasta dish which I will post about later for my OLS meal this week.


linda m said...

They look really terrific. My grape tomato plant has green tomatoes and lots of flowers. But the plant itself looks a little wilted. Probably it is raining too much here and not enough sun. I can't wait to get to get some tomatoes. No internet yet; maybe we will get it back on Sunday - the technician from the cable company is coming out Sunday - late afternoon

Ron said...

Congrats! The red tomatoes look great. I think my green ones are finally just barely starting to change to a whiter color... then red, someday!


Verde said...

Ohh lovely. I don't eat raw tomatoe either! I do love growing them. How funny.

In the big garden our plants havn't even set tomatoes yet.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh.....I'm so envious!!! They look wonderful christy!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh Christy!! Look at all those red plants are just beginning to bud out and bloom! I'm dying to did they taste?!
Congrats on those beauties! :-)

paige said...

Oh man, I just typed out this really long comment and then I stupidly clicked on some other link BEFORE publishing the comment! Oh-so frustrating.

Here goes, again...

First off, I'm very sorry you're having a hard time with your house. I so know how you're feeling. We are still waiting and waiting too. It's so hard not knowing when it's going to happen. Trouble is, we can't know when until it happens...and that just sucks!

We've decided we might pull our house off of the market. There's several reasons, but mainly, I'm just sick and tired of the whole thing; and it is very wearing because I can't just be OK with it not happening as soon as I was hoping. I get my head so stuck on what I want that I have a hard time being OK with the present situation and that just isn't good. I try to be better about it, but the bad feelings just seem to find their way in. Also, we can't even afford what we want right now anyhow.

This morning though, we did have a showing. We told one realtor we weren't selling the house anymore, but then this next one that called was a repeat showing - a girl with her parents who drove down from Utah. They're considering a couple of other house too, but they seemed pretty interested. But, of course, you can never know. Won't it be just the way of it that when I decide to be OK with living here, we sell it. :) Obviously I'm NOT getting my hopes up though.

Oh well, whichever way it goes, I'm going to just accept it as is and make the best of it.

I do hope good things come your way soon!

Christy said...

The tomatoes were delicious! I can't wait to plant a bunch of these next year.

Paige - You described how I'm feeling perfectly! I try so hard to live in the moment and be ok with where we are, but I'm really not. And it gets to me. I can fake it for a few days and almost believe I'm ok, but then something happens, like the neighbor's house sells in less than a week and it all comes crashing back in.

Twinville said...

Everyone is so excited about their tomatoes and I'm like you and don't like them raw.

Also, I'm allergic to tomato vines and leaves. So, unless someone else grows them around here I can't have even those yummy looking paste tomotoes. wah.

Christy said...

I think I'm a little allergic to tomato leaves, they make me very itchy. But I suffer through. It is funny how many of us don't like raw tomatoes but like them cooked.