Monday, July 28, 2008

So thoughtful!

Twinville gave me this wonderful award! It is the share the love award for people who need a little extra love right now. I really appreciate it! These last 3 months have been really trying. I've vowed to not talk about the whole house thing until I can share good news. I'll just say that nothing has changed. We've had close to 50 showings and 5 second showings. Every one of our second showings bought a bigger, more expensive house. And that is the last I will say about the house until it sells. But do know that the extra love is very needed.

We went to Ocean City, MD today and had a great day playing in the ocean and eating junk food. I got a cool T shirt that I'll post a picture of soon. I also finished a cross-stitch project that is adorable and I'll post a picture of that soon too. This weekend, Logan and I will be going to Virginia Tech for a get together with my fraternity. We'll be staying in a dorm and Logan is really excited about it!

I'll do my Independence Days update tomorrow.


CeeCee said...

I wandered over here from Twinville. You have a lovely blog!
I've been reading about your house and the possibility that your cats, or rather their scent, might be playing a role in it not selling. I saw something the other day that might be an idea for you---an indoor/outdoor cage. That way your cats could be trained to do their business in an "outdoor" litterbox.
I've found a picture of something similar, but the one I saw was handmade and the cat access was through a doggy door and not an open window. The cats love lazing in the sun, and visiting the outdoors. The one I saw had the entire floor as one giant litter box. The cats LOVED scratching about in it and burying their poopy presents.
Here's the link of a similar set up:
I wish you luck! I have a cat, but am terribly sensitive to the smell of the cat box. Maybe others are too.

Anonymous said...

Awww, that was sweet of twinville to give you such a nice little award! :) Sorry to hear things are still not going well with the house. :(

Christy said...

Ceecee - That is a cool idea! Luckily, we solved the cat problem 2 months ago by removing the cats and litter box from the house whenever there is a showing. It is a pain, especially with having 3or 4 showings a week, but it is working. We've had no comments about the cats in 2 months.

linda m said...

I'm so glad that Twinville gave you such a lovely award. you really deserve it after all you have been through. Have a good time at VT.