Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First harvest

We got our first harvest at the new house today. It isn't much, but considering all the problems I had getting the garden tilled, having all my brocolli flower before it even made heads, and having all my strawberries eaten by the goats, I'm thrilled to get anything!

The pea bed is looking really good so I expect a bunch more peas soon. I just hope it doesn't get too hot and make them bitter!
Here is the whole garden, except the raised beds on the edge. I've got everything but the middle area planted. We added a bunch of compost to that area today and tilled it in. I'll plant tomorrow and then post my garden plan.

Orion seems to be feeling better. He actually got up and browsed for a few hours this evening. I hope he is better tomorrow. And just to clarify, he isn't allowed in the house usually. Today was special because he was feeling so bad. I hope it was just the banding and he is back to normal tomorrow.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Congrats on your harvest and on the improvements made to your garden beds. Looks great!

I just made one of my favorite things today: Cauliflower salad. Maybe you'd like to try it, too.

It's very simple to assemble and requires no cooking:

~Chopped Cauliflower florets (into tiny pieces)
~Soy sauce (a few shakes)
~Mayonnaise (enough to make creamy)
~Garlic powder (to taste)

Stir it all together...and enjoy. So yummy!



kristi said...

Garden is starting to look good!! Its always a work in progress but so worth it in the end!! Hope Orion is doing better, I have never banded but just opt to have it surgicially done at the vet. Yeah, goats will strip a garden down in no time.....little stinkers!!

Sue said...

The cauliflower looks great...I never had luck with broccoli-mine ALWAYS goes to flowers. Now, I buy from the farm market-less frustration! Best to you...

linda m said...

Can't believe you already have veggies from your garden. I tried planting my tomato plant on Sunday, but it was so cold and windy that I took it back inside and opted to put it in a larger container until it warms up outside. So does Mark still refer to cauliflower as "dead broccoli"?

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

well the raised beds sure are producing.

Glad Orion is feeling better and of course, he should be in the house when he's not feeling well.

Christy said...

Lisa - Sounds good!

Kristi - Orion is totally back to normal today. He was eating the little corn seedlings that had come up! Time to work on better fencing, again.

Sue - Mine usually gets eaten by caterpillars. That didn't happen this year, it just all went to flower.

Mom - Yep, he does.

Joanna - Hubby did not agree! He was a bit upset about the goat being on the couch. Oh well.

The Hunter's Wife said...

We just got our garden in last weekend.

warren said...

Ahhhh...southern living where you can already harvest! Looks great!

ChristyACB said...

Oh, cauliflower! You have it already and I'm pea green!

I keep peeking impatiently down the middle of my purple cauliflower leaves to see if there is a head yet. Those darn things are almost 2 feet tall and huge, but no head yet.

I can hardly wait.

berryvine said...

I have never tried to grow cauliflower.Looks good. I will be picking peas this week sometime and strawberries. We have fences around both of our gardens to keep unwanted "helpers" out. Not the fruit trees though. Had my big buck goat take out one of my new apple trees scratching his horns on it.