Friday, May 2, 2008

Calmer now

I'm sorry about earlier, I think the stress of it all just got to us and this was our breaking point. I feel better after a good cry and talking to a good friend. We've come up with a plan that we can live with. When there is a showing I'm going to take the indoor cat and the litter box with me. The outdoor cat will be outside. I think the cat has been pooping in the litter box after I clean it (she does this often, nothing like a fresh litter box) so that when people come for the showing it does stink. I believe by removing all evidence we have cats that will help a lot. I'm just not willing to board them or give them away to sell a house. Maybe my priorities are off, but they are my pets and I love them.

We are also going to go spend a week or so with my dad (assuming it is ok with him) and bring the cats with us. It will not only get the cats out of the house but will give us a break from the stress. Mark is going to be out of town for business in a week so that is when Logan, the cats and I are going to go.

I also have decided that those people weren't really interested in buying this house. I find it hard to believe that if you liked everything about the house a litter box would keep you from buying it. Or at least asking to see it again with the smell gone.

We will be in GA next week for 2 days looking at houses down there and I'm going to look into boarding the cats while we are doing that so we don't have to worry about showings and whether the litter box stinks.

So, if you haven't read the other post yet, just ignore it. I was over-reacting from the stress of everything. I do think our realtor was insensitive to just flat out say get rid of the cats without trying to find a solution first. But his only concern is selling the house.


Kathryn and Ari said...

I'd don't think you were overreacting at all. I think it was awful of your realtors to suggest getting rid of the cats. And frankly, even if their litter box is really, really strong, I don't think that would dissuade me from buying a house. That said, I'm glad you came up with a solution that works for everybody. Good luck with the house!!

linda m said...

I agree with Kathryn. It was very insensitive of the relator to tell you to get rid of the cats. He should be offering solutions not criticism. I know your house. I don't have any pets and both Joe and I have never smelled anything that would keep us from buying your house if we really wanted it. I just think the people looking aren't interested enough and need some excuse to tell the realtor why they don't want to make an offer. Maybe he is being real pushy since the market is slower than normal and he needs a sale. Or he is being too pushy because he senses your urgency to sell. I think going to your Dad's is a good idea. It will give you a chance to relax. Give Logan a big hug from his Grandma Mac for being such a good trooper.
PS I'm still sending positive energy your way every day to help sell the house.

Christy said...

Kathryn - Thank you. It was an emotional morning. We had a showing this evening and we took the cat and litter box with us so I'm hoping this showing went better.

Mom - It is good to hear from an outside person that the house doesn't smell. I was starting to wonder if we just didn't notice it. I'm really thinking the cat took a big old poop right before the people got here the other day. Her poops are powerful and would keep me out of the basement too if they were fresh LOL! And thank you so much for the positive energy! It is much needed and much appreciated.

hillbilly2be said...

For better or worse, the realtor probably doesn't much care about anything other than a sale - that's their job (blech). I'd take their advice with a grain of salt... sure, they know how to sell houses, but if someone wants it I don't think they will find such a petty reason to walk away.

If you can get away from the situation for a while, that's terrific. I drove all over with our utility trailer full of pink insulation while people walked through our house, judged us on the way we lived. I hated it.

It will sell when the right people find it. Hang in there, pal.


Wendy said...

I have to agree that the realtor was way out of line with suggesting you just get rid of your pets. I think there are a lot of people in this world who just don't understand about pets, and it was pretty callous to assume that you should treat them like a piece of decor. Good for you for finding a solution!

Christy said...

Ron - I also hate having people come through the house judging us on how we live. Thanks for the support. I know it will sell when the right people come along but it is hard to wait!

Wendy - Thanks for the support and confirming what I was thinking. We've had a lot of people from foreign countries, mostly Indian, look at the house and they usually don't have pets and so are less likely to understand about litter boxes and the associated odors. I do believe just getting us all out of the house will be the best solution.

Howling Hill said...

Selling your house very violating. People come through, look at your stuff, your lifestyle, then make quick judgements. We put a lot of effort into our houses -- to keep them clean, smell free, and homey -- so it's an insult when a stranger comes in and is quick to judge negatively.

When we were selling our house, I kept finding our cats locked in the basement. I was not happy and neither were they. Especially when they had been locked away from their food and water all day. I had a few words with the realtor which went something like this: If you put the cats in the basement to show the house, fine, but let them out afterwards. If you don't, I'll be looking for a new agent. I never found them locked up again.

Christy said...

Our realtor isn't the one that shows the house. The realtors for the buyers is. I wish it was our realtor, he could point out the good stuff and minimize the bad, but at least around here that isn't how showings are done.

Anonymous said...

Christy-so sorry you were having a tough time of it. And I''m glad you decied to take some time away, that should really help with the stress. I really hope this is all over for you soon, and you can get busy on starting the new chapter in your lives. xoxo

Twinville said...

That's so rude of that realtor to suggest getting rid of your furry family members!

If I liked a house, a smelly litterbox wouldn't stop me from buying it. Maybe if I could smell cat urine all over the house and in the carpet...but not a litterbox.

I know what you mean about the stinky poo, too.

When our one male cat poops in his box, the smell wafts down the stairs and into our living room and I just cannot even breathe! Ewww!
Of course, he refuses to cover his poop, too. So that just makes it worse.

One thing that helped when we were selling our house, is putting a lid on the litterbox during the showings.

Our litterbox is one of those large file boxes (our male cat refuses to squat to pee, and the typical litterbox sides are too low) and they come with lids.

Of course, if you know you can't get back to the house within an hour or two, covering the litterbox might not work for the cats' emergency potty trips.

I know what you mean, though, about how awful the experience is when people seem to just be coming to your house to gawk and judge your home and lifetyle, instad of just looking at the bones, yard and neighborhood instead.

I'm still keeping positive thoughts and prayers for the quick sale of your house....

Did you bury St. Joseph in your yard, yet?

It can't hurt!!! And it just might help

Twinville said...


I just noticed that I typed "bones" and yard in my last comment. hehe

Between burying bones and St Joseph, that sure gives quite the visual doesn't it? hehe


I actually meant 'the bones of the house' hehe

Christy said...

We buried St. Joseph the first week the house was on the market. We were just in GA looking at houses and I must say we were just looking at the bones of the house and the property. Many of the houses we looked at needed paint and new carpet, but that didn't keep us from making an honest assessment of whether the house would work for us or not. It is too bad people seem so picky here.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. I feel something will happen soon.