Monday, May 5, 2008

Independence Days challenge

I sure do like a good challenge. The newest one I'm participating in is the Independence Days Challenge hosted over at Casaubon's Book. The point of this challenge is to work toward gaining food independence. To do this you try to do one of a few things either every day or every week, or whatever time frame works for you. Since I'm in the middle of trying to sell my house it is going to be harder for me to do some of the things, so I'm setting the goal of doing at least 1 thing each week.

The things listed to pick from are:

1. Plant something
2. Harvest something
3. Preserve something
4. Prep something
5. Cook something new
6. Manage your reserves
7. Work on local food systems
8.Compost something
9.Learn something
10. Store something

In the last week, I bought a few extra packages of pasta to store and last night I cooked ground lamb for the first time. I made gyros with home made pitas. These were all firsts for me. I'll post about that experience later.

I don't expect my progress to be great for the next few weeks, but once we move I'll be kicking butt on this challenge!

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