Monday, May 26, 2008

Independence days - Week 4

This last week wasn't so great as far as the challenge goes. I've been sick since Tuesday so that hasn't helped.

2. Harvest something - I've been harvesting 3 or 4 strawberries a day from my 2 plants. We just eat them right off the plant.

5. Cook something new - I made lamb chops and asparagus on the grill. It was the first time for both of those things and they were both delicious!

6. Manage your reserves - In our effort to clear out the freezer before moving, I used the last of the grated zuccini in muffins and made the lamb chops. I have a lot of bacon to take care of. Any suggestions on how to use up a fair amount of frozen bacon?

9. Learn something - this is where I really kicked butt this week. I did a bunch of reading on root cellars and different ideas on how to store food. I came up with a few ideas that should work at the new house since there is no basement or hill to build a root cellar in.

I also read a book about permaculture and one on biointensive gardening. I'm trying to decide how I want to design the garden at the new house. The soil is hard red clay, so I'm thinking I'll be doing raised beds. I really like the idea of the keyhole garden and I want to have a medicine wheel garden, so I may end up with a series of round gardens. I'm still in the thinking stage.

We also went to the local John Deere dealer to start trying to figure out what we are going to need tractor wise. It is a pretty hard decision.

10. Store something - I bought some canning lids and a few boxes of the pectin I use for jam.


Melody said...

When I lived in Kentucky years ago, a friend of mine was just breaking new soil for a garden (a one acre garden! - I was glad I didn't have to weed it!) that was red clay. She had a local guy come over and spread lime all over the previously turned dirt. It helped lessen the acidity in the soil. It turned out really good and she had a great garden that got better year by year.

Raised beds are a good choice too, I don't want to talk you out of them,I just wanted to bring up an alternate idea. :-)

Christy said...

Thanks for the idea. I'll look into that. My main issue with the red clay was trying to break it up and turn it.

Melody said...

Yeah, I can see that. She hired someone with a tractor to do it.