Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm really upset

I promised myself I wouldn't write too much about trying to sell the house here but I'm really upset and need to talk about it. We're having an issue with the cats. When we had our realtor's open house the litter box was in the spare room upstairs, most of the realtors said the smell was too strong and that we should move it. So, we moved it to the basement and I'm scooping it multiple times a day. However, our last 2 showings said they couldn't even go in the basement because the cat smell was so strong. I just don't see it! But I guess I just don't smell it? I really don't smell it and certainly not to an extent that you couldn't even go down there.

So, our realtor has said we should get rid of the cats. He suggested boarding them or giving them to a friend or relative until the house sells. But that could be months! I just can't imagine giving my cats to someone else or locking them in a cage for months. Logan and I have been crying for that last 30 minutes because I just don't know what to do. We've had 12 showings but no interest. What if it is the cats that are keeping us from selling the house? But how can I live without my cats for possibly months? And what would the cats be like when we got them back? Something like this could totally change their personalities.

I'm starting to think this whole thing is a mistake. I pushed for this move and Mark got the transfer and now we are committed to this course of action.

I'm thinking about taking the cats and going to live at my dad's for a few weeks. Hopefully the house would sell in that time period.

Any advice would sure be appreciated!


Anonymous said...


I enjoy reading your blog but I have never responded before now but wanted to let you know my feelings on your cats. We are cat a family and don't get rid of your cats.....they are family. Try using a different cat litter and try Arm & Hammer baking soda in the litter box underneath the litter. Or get another realtor...LOL


Anonymous said...

I have trouble understanding some peoples priorities(sp) with animals. You want to sell your house so what's more important that or your cats? I see alot of people even putting animals needs in front of their own,people kill themselves going into a burning house to save a pet or running into a pole to save a squirrel. Letting their dogs bark all night and having the nerve to tell people to move if they don't like it! People pay bills not the dogs! I think people go overboard with their pets. Your cats can live with someone else and like that person just as much...for awhile,until you sell. I'm not trying to be harsh.

Christy said...

Jill, hi nice to hear from you! And I appreciate your view point. We are going to try removing the litter box and the cats during a showing. We won't get rid of the cats, not even temporarily. Selling a house is a temporary thing but pets are a long term thing.