Friday, May 23, 2008

Garden update

This are going pretty good here garden wise. It is small but growing well.

My strawberries are starten to ripen, so we can have a few fresh strawberries here and there.

My chives are blooming so prettily.
The peas are starting to flower. The spinach, swiss chard and brussel sprouts are coming along.
And my tomatoes are doing great. I may have to stake them soon.


Electronic Goose said...

This post made me hungry! :)

Anonymous said...

All your plants are looking wondeful. The chives really look pretty.
Good job!

linda m said...

Your garden looks great! I haven't even started mine yet. In WI we genrally don't plant our gardens until after Memorial Day in case of frost.

hillbilly2be said...

Great pictures, Christy, really enjoyed them. Wow, your tomatoes took off! Sure is a nice feeling to have raised those babies from tiny seeds, isn't it?

My peas finally started to flower yesterday... I hope they produce a bunch before the HOT weather gets here and fries them up. But I'll settle for whatever I get. :)


Melody said...

Great job! Your plants look wonderful!

Christy said...

Mom - I'm sure glad I don't live in WI! I couldn't stand to wait that long to plant.

Ron - It is amazing to know I started those little guys as seeds and nurtured them to this point. I even traveled with them and their growlights.

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone.

Twinville said...

Hi Christy,
Like your Mom, I can't even begin to think of planting a garden until after May is over. Heck we just got snow the other day!

I sure am enjoying seeing all of your beautiful plants, tough. You've done a terrific job. YOu must feel like a Mama to our plants having grown them from seed and nurtured them all this time.