Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chicken update

I haven't talked about the chickens in awhile. The girls have gotten pretty friendly. They still don't like to be picked up, but they run over to us whenever we enter their pen. They follow me around everywhere, even out of their pen and around the yard. They love treats but prefer to eat them out of our hand instead of off the ground. I think they may be a little spoiled! Yarrow is still leary of us but he is doing his job of getting the girls out of the run very well.

This is how they sleep at night, this picture was taken after dark. They have 2 perches, so there is plenty of room, but they like to cuddle. It hasn't even been cold at night the last week, but they still sleep this way. I think it is cute that they are so attached to each other.

Close up of Kudzu begging for treats.
They are pretty much always together.

He is such a pretty boy!

Their run and coop, most of the time the door is open so they can explore and eat yummies.

We'll be starting on our big coop in the next month so we can get more chickens. The current coop is really only big enough for the 3 we have.


Alex Polikowsky said...

I just love chckens and cannot wait to get a few layers!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Your little roo is so handsome!

Wrensong Farm said...

Cute group of chickies/roo! That's great that they are friendly and will eat out your hand. Only a couple of mine will do that.

Joanna said...

How many chickens do you have Christy? they are pretty and appear very healthy. I can spend hours just watching mine, very relxing for me.

Gail said...

I raised a leghorn when I was small. He was so spoiled, you would have to pick the bugs in the garden before he would eat them. Dad called him Dummy.
Glad they are getting so tame. Logan, do you have the rooster eating out of your hands, too?

Christy said...

Joanna - I just have the 3. I'm glad they look healthy, we certainly take good care of them. I love to watch them too. They are always up to something entertaining.

Gail - The rooster isn't very friendly yet. Maybe with time.

Anonymous said...

Awww! They look very happy together!! And congrats on the new gun! :)

Anonymous said...

The chickens are looking good.
Our biddies will be ready just in time for you new coop.(I hope!)
Love you pictures of the girls and Yarrow.
Have a great day.

Sarah said...

They look fantastic! Very healthy and happy. I hope you can get the bigger coop and more chickens soon.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Christy, 'Chickens' is still on my PlayList. I just clicked on it and it played. Try it. It' sung by Tom Burton.

It's nice to hear that the girls are getting so tame. Do they also seem more brave and protected now that handsome little Yarrow is around?

I can't wait to watch your coop building adventure and see how it progresses. I still remember building ours, and even though we had to build it during the winter with snow and biting winds, it was still very exciting and we had such a great sense of accomplishment when we were done.

New Mexico

Femin Susan said...

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Anonymous said...

The pics with the kids and chicks are adorable. The chicks eating out of the kids hands is special. Nice Rooster! Oh Yeah, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I appreciate when a comment has been left and that I have had a visitor.

Killi said...

Gorgeous chickens (I know I've already said that, but you can never tell a chicken it's beautiful often enough!) What is your rooster? He looks like my Welses, but is so tiny. Part of my run is fenced, but I need to save to get more 5' chain link & posts to do more to the unfeathered-leg area & netting to do the feathered leg area (copse), so when my Traveller Lads return to work, they'll start on the dog/nursery area for me. I'll be so pleased when I can shut the dogs out in their run & KNOW Pireni isn't teaching Midnight RippleBack to hunt with my poultry & nobody is using my Wolfie as target practice.