Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Logan's box fort

Continuing with our house tour, I bring you Logan's box fort. We built this in one of the rooms of the HUGE basement that came with the house. This is the only room that is even partially finished.

Logan and his daddy had a lot of fun building this. Logan has since had fun decorating it inside and out. It is a space ship and he drew a bunch of controls and stuff inside. I haven't been in it yet, but the cats love it!


Gail said...

Good for you, Logan! No limits to where you can go in your new fort/space ship. Enjoy!
Mom, you have to take a ride, too.

linda m said...

Logan's Daddy did a similar thing when he was young. He built a house out of our packing boxes complete with extra rooms, doors and windows. We drew furniture curtains, etc on the walls. Way to go Logan, I like the space ship idea. You do know what that room in the basement is really for don't you? It is the MIL suite :) LOL!!!!

warren said...

Big boxes hold some of my favorite childhood memories! Yee-haw!

Christy said...

Mom - Mark remembers that fort fondly, that is why he made this one for Logan.

I was thinking about the MIL suite last night after reading a chapter in a really good book. It doesn't make sense for everyone to live in their own houses the way we do it in this country. It would make more sense to combine expenses and work among multiple generations. We'd all be more financially secure and have less work to do.

My Grandmother lives alone 3 miles from my aunt, who is having to go back to work so they can pay all their bills. It would make so much more sense for my grandma to move in with my aunt and for them to share expenses etc.

I think we were sold a line about privacy and independence being the end all be all and we all bought it hook, line and sinker. Yet we are all struggling, worried and lonely. We feel isolated and are less happy than past generations (generalizations here). Maybe this idea of privacy isn't all is it cracked up to be.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!! Isn't it amazing how much more fun kids have with some cardboard and crayons/markers than with all the plastic toys in the world.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Logan's space ship rocks!

I hope it will be there when I come visit. I want to crawl inside and play, too!

Can Logan and I eat cookies while flying the space ship, Mom?


New Mexico