Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today is "J"

Today is J for John Deere so I thought I'd post this picture of Mark enjoying his new Deere.

Isn't he cute? He'd just been over to the neighbor's dirt pile to get me some dirt for my garlic bed. He got to drive the trash down to the dumpster, we are sharing with the neighbors, the other night. I think he just looks for excuses to drive it around!

For a cute picture of Logan on the Deere back in Delaware when we first got it go here.


Christy said...

Men just love the john deere don't they! Even my three year old knows what it is!

Gail said...

The only difference in men and boys is the size of their toys!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey Christy,

I'm giggling, picturing John and Mark racing their John Deere's across the pastures! lol!
I'll be showing this post to John when he gets home. It will just make him love his green machine even more :)

ps I love your new avatar! There are animals galore...and even crops, too. Yay!

New Mexico

Melody said...

*I'd* love a good tractor too!

In Kentucky we let Steve's then 16 yo brother borrow our tractor to do some jobs for their dad. Brother drove the tractor up a hill, got called in for supper, left it on the incline, ate supper, and went back to the tractor.

Meanwhile back at the tractor, all of the oil drained out of the engine while it was parked on the incline for a couple of hours, and when he started the engine it froze. That was the end of our tractor. :-(

I still look at tractors and want one, even if it would just be for decoration. Tractors are great!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Yay, garlic!! What kind(s) are you planting. Your farm man looks great on his J.D. - he even has driving gloves! lol

linda m said...

Mark looks so cute driving his "tractor". Next thing you know he will want a full size one; just like in Green Acres. LOL

warren said...

It won't be long and you'll need a bigger one!

Anonymous said...

Looks like he is having fun with his new toy!

Christy said...

Lisa - That is a funny picture! John Deere racing, now there is a sport for you.

Melody - That is a very sad tractor story. I'm sorry!

Farmgirl - I forgot what kind it was. Silly me.

No bigger tractors! Our neighbor has one of those that Mark can borrow.