Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Meet Yarrow

Taking the advice of my wise blog friends, we got the girls a rooster on Sunday. We named him Yarrow.

Isn't he a beauty?
He is a bantam so he is smaller than the girls. That doesn't seem to bother any of them. It took the girls a couple of days but he is their rooster now. They follow him around the yard. And they let him sleep with them at night now. It only took him 2 days to learn to go to bed with the girls. They are great about putting themselves to bed, but the first 2 nights I had to shoo him into the coop. Tonight he was already in there when I went to shut the door.

And here is another picture of Logan feeding the girls.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Woot! Woot! Good things come in small packages. He's a beauty!
I'm so glad you ended up getting arooster and that's working out so well.
Now the girls won't rely on your and Logan as their main protectors, but just as their food and treat providers....and for cuddles, too.

And Yarrow is such a cool name! You'll have to tell more about how you he came to live on Farm Dreams, Christy.

New Mexico

linda m said...

Wow! What a beauty! The name really fits him, with his coloring. I'm glad the girls like him; that is important. Where did you get him from?

Candy Duell said...

Oh he is very handsome! I love the colors. I love my roosters, they are very handsome too, so far they are quite tame!

Melody said...

He's an Old English Bantam, isn't he? They *are* pretty roosters; I have one myself.

If you are ever looking for a hen that just wants to set and be broody and has a calm disposition, a cochin would be a good addition. The only trouble is because of their calm disposions, they are often the first eaten by predators. I like having them around though.

And if you got yourself a bantam hen, you would always have chicks at your place! They are great mommies.

I love getting new chickens! Chickens are my thing.

warren said...

Excellent looking rooster! Very handsome!

Mim said...

He is very handsome!