Friday, December 19, 2008

Living room

Here is our living room. The door in the back, behind Logan goes to the kitchen. You can also see the door to the screened in porch here. It was raining the day I took this picture, oh well.

The living room from the couch. Yeah, we did put a TV in front of the fireplace. I know, I know.... Hubby doesn't like fires, this is one I wasn't going to win.

The front door. This was also taken from the couch, so the house is all open in the living room/dining room/entrance area. There are 4 columns in this area of the house. Logan LOVES the columns, he climbs them, and spins around them and beats them up with swords.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to GA :0)
My family and I have lived here for about 11 years now...Love it! We moved around a bit since we got here but finally have our 5 acre farm too ! Of course we have a ways to go and lots of remodeling to do but I don't mind Because I'm in the country where I am most happiest. Best wishes for your new adventure.

Joanna said...

We don't have a fireplace but I always think a fire in a fireplace looks so nice but in reality I don't want the mess of it and the maintenance of it. The folks with the gas logs seem to really enjoy them.

Beautiful home, I like the wood floors and all the pretty doors and windows.

Gail said...

I love the wood floors, and the front door, and the living room. I guess I could have said, I love it.
Get a cd of a fire place burning and use it when you're not watching tv! Sure is alot cleaner. Fire places are great but then you have soot, dust, wood crumbles, ashes, tracks in and out...the list goes on.
Beautiful home!

Becca said...

Your home is beautiful!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your open living room area is just beautiful, Christy. Your stone fireplace is handsome, too. But I'm like you in that fireplaces tend to be very messy and drafty.

I prefer a gas log (with a blower), like we have here. Because most of our house is open and the master bedroom is upstairs beside the loft, the gas logs heat almost the entire home. We use electric space heaters for the other downstairs bedrooms. We've not had to turn our furnace on yet, even though our temps have been down in the low 20's.

I also like pellet and wood stoves, too. We're planning on getting a pellet stove, as a back up heat source, once our tax money comes in.

So, what's your weather like right now? I'm imagining warmth and sunshine :)

Ok, and I'm also imagining you climbing up on those pretty columns one evening and giving your hubby a little show. lol!
Maybe you can even borrow Logan's sword, too. hehhee
(I'm so naughty!)

New Mexico

Killi said...

What a huge room! I have a fireplace in my sitting room & it's functional ~ heating for the house is supposed to come from a range (Irish version of the AGA called a Stanley), but the range just heats itself & the water, not the oven, radiators & house like a good little range should. Our only other source of heat is the fireplace which really paid its way when we first moved in & it was cold & damp.

I love your chickens, what are they? I have Cochins, Silky, Welsummers, Cuckoo Marans, Banties & a curious mix of those where the cockerels forgot which breed they should be mating with! I also have KC, white & black & white ducks, 2 gooseys & a gander on the poultry front. (& a few other animals: many dogs of differing kinds; cats, ferts, draught horse, pony, pucs...)

Meadowlark sent me over for the chicken humour

Christy said...

Lisa - You are naughty! LOL. It is neither warm or sunny here. It has rained everyday for the last week until today. At least the days it was raining it was in the 60s. Today was low 40s and extremely windy. We were under a wind advisory all day. I'm waiting for the warm, sunny winter I was promised ;). I'd love a pellet stove too.

Killi - They are Buff Orpingtons. They are really sweet chickens.

Killi said...

Rain for only a week? You're lucky ~ rain here for the last 2 years almost constantly!

When I moved here we had Fudge, Butterscotch & Honeycomb with us, but they didn't survive much after the move, which was a shame because I did like our Buffs & they came from my "Chicken Lady" who left the village I moved from shortly after we did. I miss her gentle chicken wisdom & knowledge

Anonymous said...

Hey Christy,
I love your living room. It is so beautiful.
I forgot to tell you, North Georgia is a lot colder than South Georgia. It snows sometimes up that way and will not snow at all down this way(just a cold rain). There is a cut off call the Fall Line in Georgia. The weather is colder north of the line and a good bit warmer south of it. (Yes, you are right, I could have mentioned that before.Lol...sorry)
We use to live near where you are now and the biggest snow I ever saw was there(Stephens). 6 inches. It was so pretty. I think the biggest since we have lived down here was 3/4 inch in 15 years.
Have a Merry Christmas.

MeadowLark said...

What a great place!! The floors and windows are awesome. More pics when you can, please. :)