Friday, December 5, 2008

Logan's room

As we get rooms totally done in the house I'll start posting pictures of them. We finished Logan's room today, so we'll start there.

My MIL, Linda M. and her husband came to visit a few weeks ago and painted Logan's room. Logan picked out a really nice shade of green and the border. We put the border up today and hung his pictures.

The view out of Logan's window. This is why he picked the pink room. The blue room is in the front of the house and has one small window overlooking the driveway. This room is much better, even if I did have to put 3 coats of primer on it.

Breakfast nook tomorrow.


Kyfarmlife said...

That is a great color green, and lovely border! But I can see why he chose the pink room! Awesome view! Cant wait to see the rest of your progress...Mine is taking longer than hoped...not quite finished with a single room yet! LOL Got painting and curtains to do yet....and thats a job...big rooms.

Gail said...

I love that border! It is perfect for the view. You could look out and imagine all kinds of creatures out that wonderful window. Good job...enjoy your new room, Logan!

linda m said...

That is one good looking paint job, if I do say so myself, lol :)
Love the border - it is the perfect touch for the room.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Logan has great taste! What a fabulous view :)

So where will I be staying when I visit?? :)

New Mexico

Christy said...

Kyfarm - I tried to check out your farm blog, but it says it is invitation only. I was able to check out your photo blog though. Did you recently move too?

Mom - You guys did a great job! Thank you again.

Lisa - That would be the blue room. Even though we've already had guest twiced already, that room isn't really fixed up yet. I repainted it and got the furniture set up, but no pictures have been hung yet. So, it is ready for guests, but not as nice as it will be. It is the room with the view of the driveway unfortunately :(

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Logan has excellent taste - I love the color and the border he chose! And, yes, that paint job is beautiful. The view from Logan's window is great!

Kyfarmlife said...

I asked you to send me your email so I could add you?? My bad!!! I tried to get everone I read...but I'll check again...hey sent it to me, I only made it private casue one person was reading who should not be! LOL my email is

Christy said...

I love his room! What a great view to have from his window!

Melody said...

I love his room, especially the view! How fun to be settling in and making things "just so".

Anonymous said...

I can see why Logan picked that room, I love the view too.
The border and paint looks sooo good.

So, are you saying ya'll yet???

We should have some biddies hatching real soon.
Maybe you will be ready for biddies this spring.
Have a great weekend.