Monday, February 2, 2009

Pretty bird

Doesn't he look more manly now?
What is Buttercup doing in the coop in the middle of the day?

Oh, THAT is what she was doing. Good girl!
And cuddles were in order for doing such a good job.

I never would have believed you could get so attached to chickens. But I sure do love these girls!


Berte said...

I just love your chickens. And your rooster is beautiful. I could sit and watch my chickens for hours. It's funny..they stay pretty much in their house til I come out and start talking to them and then they scurry outside. I'm keeping an eye on one of mine to see if it's a rooster.
Keep on with the chicken posts..I love 'em.

Zachary and Jennifer said...

He just needed a reminder that is a rooster. :-)
Happy laying!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your hens have really filled out and are so beautiful. Don't you just love those lovely egg gifts from your girls?

Yarrow is quite the handsome roo now. No wonder your girls are so enamored with him :)

I'm the same way, Christy. I was also so surprised with how attached I became to our chickens. They are more than just farm animals, aren't they? More like members of the family :)


ps. That photo of Logan loving on Buttercup is precious!

Melody said...

I really, really, really wish my hens were laying. I'm sick of buying the crap eggs from the store!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, I'm so happy that you are loving the chicken life so much!!!
All your birds are gorgeous - and those eggs....WOW! :-)

linda m said...

Yarrow is one handsome "dude"! I am glad that the girls are laying eggs for you. Logan looks cute hugging Buttercup.

ga.farmwoman said...

He does look manly and handsome too!
Buttercup sure looks like she enjoys the cuddles.
Have a great day.

warren said...

Great pics! Very handsome rooster!

CeeCee said...

Ha, those Buff Orp girls will steal your heart every time!
Your roo is just gorgeous!!

Kyfarmlife said...

I have finally been able to catch up on you...thank God for wifi! Anyway...I'm like you didnt have any clue I would actually fall in love with chickens...but OMG how could you not! They have their own funny little personalities! i'm surprised mine has began to lay in the winter...especially on the coldest nights of the year..I have heard they stop in the fall and pick up again in the spring....well that theroy is blown huh? hey loved the feted sheep....set your camera on the macros setting....the symbol for it us usually a little tulip looking flower...let me know if that works!
Also..I'm so jealous of you guys getting to visit the llamas!!! I WANT SOME SOOOOOOO Bad I cant stand it!
Talk again soon!