Friday, November 28, 2008


I've had some requests for more pictures of our views.

The chicken coop is being kept in a fenced in pen that the previous owner made for working the cattle. We have 2 of these pens. Each pen is bigger than our previous back yard. We then still have the pasture. So, the chickens have a pretty big area to run around in, if they would ever leave their run. I have to force them out each morning and shut the door so they can't get back in. As soon as I open the door again, they run back in there. I'm trying to be patient and give them time, but it seems to me like they should want to run around on all that great grass and be in the sun.

Anyway, the other day while sitting in the pen with the chickens I decided to take pictures from where I was sitting in each direction.

This is looking toward my neighbor Boyd's property. He was working on the fence so that is why his tractor is there.

This is looking back toward our pasture.

This is looking toward our run-in and the beginning of our pasture. The run-in didn't quite make it into the picture but you can see it's shadow.

This is looking back toward the house.

These were all taken from a sitting position in the middle of the pen so they aren't the best pictures. Call them a chicken eye's view of our place.
Soon I will post pictures taken out of the windows of our house.


Gail said...
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Gail said...

Good views. Looks like you have plenty of fencing already done.
Easier to add your critters when you don't have to start from scratch.
Turkey Tales...hmmm...that an ideal for next Thanksgiving!

Gail said...

I just discovered that if you accidently click publish really does publish twice!

Amy said...

You are so lucky to have found such a great farm! I can't wait until we're in that same situation!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's good. The chickens have a big area. Your new home is wonderful !
Hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving.

All the best
wish you

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Chicken's eye view, indeed! lol! You're so funny, Christy.

And your property is just dreamy.

Give your girls some time. They'll come around. In the beginning, my chickens took over a week to figure out how to go into their house at night. I had to carry them up one by one every night for a week! lol :)

With only two of them, they might even be more cautious roaming around, especially without a rooster to serve as protector.

New Mexico

Kyfarmlife said...

Your home is lovely! Its fun to watch someones dream realized! I had the same dream, and here I am and LOVING it! I love your goals for 2008...I hope that you accomplish each of them...they are so close to my goals and I'm checking them off mentally one by Idea to list them like that on your farm you mind if I copy the idea? Dont worry about the chickens...they will figure it out, they too are creatures of habit, mine has to inspect EVERYTHING that goes on in her coop, and approve, and trust me I know when she doesnt. Funny little birds, and I love having her around!

Christy said...

Gail - yeah, all the fencing is already done! Which is awesome.

Amy - I hope you get there soon! The reality of it is amazing.

Cheyenne - they do have a nice big area. And I agree, my new home is wonderful!

Lisa - I have the opposite problem, I have to carry them out of the coop every morning. They are VERY good at putting themselves to bed LOL.

Kyfarmlife - feel free to use the idea, I stole it too! And I didn't make much progress on my goals this year. Spending 8 months of this year trying to sell our house and then waiting for closing depressed me so much I didn't do much of anything. So that will pretty much be my list for next year too!

Christy said...
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kymber said...

thanks for the chicken's eye view photos - they are lovelly - your farm and house are lovelly! i am thrilled for you!

and really love the new blog layout...i have a thing for fat bumblebees!