Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun with farm names


Joanna said...

I voted for GoatBerryFarm, all the goat people would get the humor.

I hope you blog about buying in bulk from Amazon and that it saves you money, I've never tried that. What are others doing?

Gail said...

All look wonderful. I think you are leaning to Foggy Bottom. I would have to be Foggy Brain. Of course you know my favorite, but it is actually the hidden meaning that appeals to me.
This has generated so much fun. What can we name next week?

Christy said...

Joanna - I'm working on a post about that, I'll probably post it tomorrow.

Gail - I don't want to influence the voting but things may not be as you think. I'll have to figure out something for us to name next week.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I lean toward Foggy Bottom Farm, because you just never know if goats are going to be a long term thing. You may decide fiber is your focus and get into sheep and llamas more.

Plus I love how the name rolls off the tongue and the beautiful foggy farm photo.

Goat Berry Farm is very cute, but just make sure that it's a name that can stay with your farm for the long term.

I'm just sayin' ;)

New Mexico

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I like all your names, of course, but I would like to throw out there that maybe your farm name will come to you - all on its own - after you've lived there a little longer? You haven't experienced all the seasons on your beautiful new property yet - it's quite possible that its true name just hasn't revealed itself to you yet. Just a thought...

Christy said...

Farmgirl - You have a really good point and we've seriously thought about waiting to see if the things that are going on now, persist through the whole year. And we may very well end up waiting. However, I'm impatient! I want a name now (whine). It seems like we won't be official until we have a name. Probably, we will pick one for now and see if it continues to fit. If something new comes to us as the year progresses, we'll still be able to change it.

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