Saturday, January 17, 2009

Poultry Show

Logan and I went to a poultry show in the next town over today. It was a lot of fun! If we had known about it earlier we might have entered one of our chickens. Logan is going to start learning poultry judging next month so we are excited about that.

There were a lot of chickens at the show!

I saw quite a few I really liked! This is a silver spangled hamburg.
A funny duck.
Logan talking to the chickens. He had so much fun talking to each one. It took us hours to get through the building!
A golden seabright. I want one of these so bad!
Logan getting to pet a chicken. I don't remember what type this was, but it won first in it's variety.
A mille fleur. Isn't it pretty?!
A modern. They had a lot of these and I thought they were really funny with those LONG legs.
Logan bonding with this girl. He spent at least 5 minutes with her.

These is another show in February that we may think about entering. We know nothing about what they are judging for so I'm sure we'll do terrible, but it may be fun.

They had some buff orphintons there that were HUGE! I sure hope our girls won't get that big, we'll have to get a bigger coop for them if they do.


The Scavenger said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I love the golden seabrights, so pretty. Happy to hear that Logan will be learning to judge. That's one of those things that will give years of enjoyment and education. Way to go Logan!! Gonna check and see if there are any poultry shows in my area. Love to go to one.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! What fun! I think it would be great for all folks just starting out with poultry, to attend a poultry show. That was they could see and find out more about each breed of chicken all in one place.
I sure wish I could have done that. Everything I learned was from reading books, online and word-of-mouth.

Logan may want to consider doing 4H so he can take on a breeding and showing of his favorite chickens. I think he would just love it!

That Mille Fleur chicken was just lovely!


Melody said...

I used to have a crested duck! They sell those at McMurray Hatchery!

What a fun event to attend!

Joanna said...

Mike and I have shown our chickens,and it is much fun, you learn a lot and meet a lot of great people.

At the chicken shows, the judges and show staff try to build confidence in the kids, so Logan should really enjoy himself.

This year, we're gearing up for a couple of goats shows here in NC, never been to one, and looking forward to a new experience. Mike may show a buck or two and I'll show SweetPea. Just all for fun.

Joanna said...

are ya gonna get Logan in 4H? I bet he'd love that.

Danielle said...

I love the seabrights!

I've given you an award. You can find it over at my blog.

Gail said...

Seabrights are the only chicken that has hen feathers on both rooster and hen.
Logan would love 4H.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have a Crested Khaki Campbell Duck. His name is Curly. The Crested Ducks are actually a abnormality that takes place during incubation in the egg. How did you find out about the poultry show?

Christy said...

Logan is doing 4-H, that is who he is learning poultry judging from.

Barbara - someone posted about it on a homeschool list I'm on! But I am going to join the local poultry fancier association. Goggle your state and poultry fancier association to see what is near you.

CeeCee said...

What a fun thing to do. Such lovely looking birds--so many shapes and sizes!
That Modern looks prehistoric, like a dinosaur or something. Sort of ironic, huh?

Tracy said...

That looks like so much fun. I have always wanted to go to a poultry show but have never got to.
I would want to take everything home with me if I did go, haha...

We have several chickens. Had alot until a hawk discovered them this winter. :-(
I have a partridge wyandotte bantam hen,
a trio of Millie Fleurs (they are so pretty)
And the rest are Marans
I am already getting spring fever and I'm ready to order some chicks, not sure what kind I'll order yet though.

Killi said...

4-H? I always wonder what that is when I see it in others' blogs.

I've been to a few poultry auctions as I'd go & help my "hen-lady" with her chickens-for-sale & I loved them. I've never been to a proper show though. I can't get to any shows or auctions now, though, so please post LOTS of poultry show pictures for me ~ pretty please...

warren said...

Cool! Don't let Cruella DeVille see the silver spangled hamburg though!

Peggy said...

I love going to shows like that. They just don't have them very often around here

CeeCee said...

Happy, Happy Inauguration Day!!

Erikka said...

what kind of chickens do you currently have?

kymber said...

Christy -
just read your comment on the Scavenger's blog re: Kentucky Preppers Network. In your comment you stated that you would be interested in getting involved in the GA Preppers Network but that no one else seemed interested in taking it on.

Take it on Girl! You soooo can do this and you would help provide information to sooo many people who need it! your first-hand knowledge and experience over the past few years is what people who have not started on this journey need to hear and learn from.

I vote Christy for the GA Preppers Network!

your friend,
kymber (i am still a 6-year old boy and therefore still vote for Lotapoo!)

Anonymous said...

Poultry shows are rare in our area until fair season. But they are my son's favorite. He loves the chickens.

Regarding your previous post - when will we get new neighbors like those? I am jealous.

Christy said...

Killi- I'll post pictures whenever we go to one. Since Logan will be starting poultry judging next month, there should be lots of poultry shows in our future.

Erikka - I have 2 buff orphintons and 1 black breasted red bantam.

Kymber- Thanks for the support. Not sure I'm up to it yet, but maybe.

hendersonhoundsofga said...

Where do you live in Georgia? We have a small place in Athens. We just got our first Nubian goats last week and are hoping to add chickens this summer/fall. I have just started reading blogs. Love yours.


Christy said...

Sandy - We're in Nicholson. I'd love to meet you! We are hoping to get Nigerian Dwarfs in a few weeks. And more chickens soon. We are in Athens twice a week. I'm glad you stopped by the blog. Do you have any type of guard animal for your goats? I know we have coyotes that come onto our property.

Wrensong Farm said...

I think there are going to be more varieties of chickens showing up at your farm! I love the Mille Fleur!

hendersonhoundsofga said...

Christy - We aren't too far from you as we live very close to the Jackson county line on Oak Grove Rd. No, we don't have guard animals we have coonhounds (7 to be exact) so coyotes aren't a worry although I have heard them at night sometimes. Also, we converted two dog kennels into a goat pen and we put the goats up at night so they are surrounded by 6' chain link fence. We have had the goats (Bonnie & Clyde) for 1 week now. So far, so good.....

You can reach me on my email at if you would like to meet sometime.


Kelly said...

Hey Christy! Small world! I was browsing around for fellow bloggers that fancy chickens and here I am, looking at pictures from the Jefferson show. My birds were to the left of that white crested duck, the two silver laced polish pullets. There is a show this coming weekend in Newnan, its a big one, will y'all be there? I will. :) Hugs, Kelly